Osteopathy during pregnancy and post-natal


Emsworth Osteopaths know that the experience of pregnancy and childbirth varies for each woman and family, as do the physical adjustments that are made.  We can assess your movement and posture to see how you are managing and with you, we choose appropriate treatment techniques.  The aim of treatment will be to help you manage and adjust to changes your body goes through, rather than it becoming a demand or difficult to cope with.  

Treatment is gentle and appropriate for whichever pregnancy or post-natal stage you are.  Various techniques can be used, including cranial osteopathy or joint articulation to help strained joints, massage or acupuncture to ease muscle tension.  Emsworth Osteopaths will give you advice to support yourself through pregnancy and the post-natal demands of having a baby e.g working in conjunction with lactation consultants to give postural advice whilst breastfeeding.

Pelvic girdle pain is common in pregnancy, ligaments soften and provide less support so muscles tend to over-work to compensate for this.  Past injuries or "problem areas" can make it harder for the body to adapt to pregnancy changes resulting in aches, pains and fatigue.  Changing weight can alter centre of gravity causing posture changes, neck pain and headaches.  Hands up who has been achey or stiff from sitting in one position for ages so as not to wake the baby?  This applies to you fathers too!  All these complaints are good candidates for osteopathic treatment.

And here are 2 facts that Emsworth Osteopaths find amazing:-

1) The amount of blood the heart pumps (cardiac output) increase by 30-40% in pregnancy.

2) The kidneys grow approximately 1-2cm during pregnancy.  The coverings of the kidneys attach to the rib cage so along with the ribs expanding to accommodate the baby it is no surprise that rib pain can occur.